Smaller Homes Becoming Popular


Geoff Warner's Wee House is 800 Square Feet. Rocio Romero's LV is 1,250. The MiniHome checks in at 360 and the Micro-Compact at 100. Small is definitely the new big, according to the Wall Street Journal. Says the Journal: "Designers say microhome buyers tend to fall into one of two groups: The majority are looking for a secondary space, either a vacation home or a building near or attached to a primary residence. A minority of buyers are hoping to move into a minihouse full-time, motivated by a desire to simplify their lifestyles or by social and environmental concerns about the amount of living space people need.....Living in a tiny home, as opposed to doing yoga in it or using it for vacations, often appeals to people who want simpler lives that leave less of an ecological "footprint." Small houses require less fuel for heating and cooling, fewer building resources and are much easier to clean.::Wall Street Journal