Small Second Home Design Adapts To Seasons

wrb architects wood home photo

We don't show a lot of second homes in the country on TreeHugger any more, but sometimes one just pops out and say "post me" like this one by Sweden's WRB Architects, found on Mocoloco and Trendir. It has been around for a while; it won the Swedish Wood Award a decade ago, but has some interesting features that are notable still.

wrb architects wood home photo end

Perhaps it is the simple form of the building; when I was working in modular prefab a few years ago, this was exactly the form that could be built in the factory and shipped down the road, but we could never make it look this good.

wrb architects wood home photo side

But also the way the architect has designed the small, 1000 square feet of space to adapt to climate:

The theme for the plan has been to divide the house into different zones, the use of which depends on the climate and the condition of the weather. The main functions are concentrated in a core area, which is well insulated and can be heated in winter, During warmer periods, the habitable area can be extended to the adjoining veranda and hallway, which are heated only by solar radiation. A glazed canopy on horizontal laths provides yet another sheltered zone along the facade.

wrb architects wood home photo website

Also, after years of railing against the stupidity and counterproductivity of architects' websites and the insane overuse of flash, (see Architects: Your Websites Suck. Read This Post!) finally a website with an elegant use of it, transitioning from drawing to photograph, nice effect. See it at Architekstudio Widjedal Racki Bergherhoff

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