Small Houses Getting Big Coverage

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Abito intelligent living spaces

The Financial Times has discovered the Small House Movement, does a thorough job of covering the more interesting projects, and concludes with a bang:

Not only are the products in our lives getting smaller and better, they're also smarter. Beds can turn into sofas; benchtops into tables; microwaves into cooktops.

Perhaps, as [microcompact home designer] Horden says, small houses are perfect for these challenging times. All we need to do is learn to live well with less.

Gregory Paul Johnson notes that it is catching on he says that if you had Googled "small house" five years ago, "it would have been like putting in a search for small elephant or small whale — a contradiction in terms". TreeHugger has covered many of the projects listed, starting with Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats Arquitectes' House in a suitcase" and more.

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on the Micro Compact Home:

The M-CH, which takes its inspiration from the aviation industry, successfully condenses the comforts of home, without any of the feeling of confinement you might expect. Large windows borrow outdoor views; dual-purpose features reduce the need for more furnishings; and the latest in technology adds a touch of luxury that puts paid to any suspicion about being in an inferior domain.

TreeHugger on the Micro Compact Home:
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Micro - Compact House
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Katrina Cottage Wins People's Choice Design Award

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In the US, Marianne Cusato's Katrina Cottages, which start at 308 sq ft and began life as emergency accommodation after Hurricane Katrina, sell in kit form at Lowe home centres around the country.

Katrina Cottage Wins People's Choice Design Award
Katrina Cottage II: Headed to Congress
Katrina Cottages Available at Lowe's
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Holz Box Tirol's Minibox, an ultra-tiny 7 sq metre, nautical-feel dwelling based around a stove with room for three to sleep, which was initially developed as emergency housing for the homeless.

MiniBox by Holzbox

More in the Financial Times: Small but Perfectly Formed

See also the Economist, Very little house on the prairie

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