Small House Design "Paco" From Japan

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Let's say you needed a really small house, perhaps a Dome Home, to put on a secluded place on a beach, somewhere far off and away. Schemata Architecture Office Ltd. is a group of designers showing a concept small second house that you could build yourself, or perhaps help to develop. I like the freedom of this. You could put it anywhere. If noone complains, you are ok to go. Are there laws against second house freedom?

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You could bring this structure almost anywhere, and change it as you like, according to your needs. Jo Nagasaka is showing a prototype in Meguro, Tokyo this month. Basically, he is thinking 9 square meters of freedom. Inside of that, what do you really need?

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Some of his previous work has involved using optical fibers:

By bending the optical fiber, the whole area is illuminated outside of the immediate area of the light, and together, they can make very soft light. The brightness can be adjusted by the size of the circle.The optical fiber is very flexible and is designed by binding them together in circles. They are bound at their circumference.

And if you have a hammock, you could sleep there as well, they suggest. I could live a large part of the year in one of these. Writing, blogging, meditating, doing nothing, watching stars, hiking, swimming. Perfect for campers, surfers, divers, and others who care about their free time.

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