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What's on at the Slow Loket: Julia Mandle Chalk Shoes

During the coming weekend (11-12 October) in Amsterdam, slowLab will unveil the first ‘Slow Loket,’ a pop-up resource center for Slow Design information and inspiration, featuring live talks, films, workshops, and an exhibition of Slow Design provocations by members of our network.slowLab is presenting the Slow Loket as a special guest participant at MindWhatYouWear’s Sale#4 an annual design event where up to 50 local (mostly fashion) designers are invited to show and sell their work to the public. This year’s sale event is part of FreeDesignDom, a month-long celebration of creativity, innovation, fashion and design in the Netherlands.

The event will take place at the Oude Kerk in the heart of Amsterdam, one of the oldest medieval churches in Europe. slowLab’s special guest contribution, the Slow Loket, will be situated in a beautiful chapel within the church, where we will present a weekend-long program of live talks, films and workshops. The ‘Slow Loket’ will also feature a small exhibition of design provocations to inspire the visiting public with ideas, projects and principles of Slow Design. We’re really pleased to be able to show the work of slowLab network members Julia Mandle (USA), Judith van den Boom (NL) and Marie Ilse Bourlanges (FR), and the beautiful films ‘Stitch’ by Natalie Chanin and ‘Living Lightly’ by Robin Burke. Visitors will also have opportunities to express their own views in a rolling ideas workshop and open microphone sessions.

At the heart of these activities will be slowLab’s Slow Design Principles, a set of criteria against which designers are encouraged to interrogate and appraise their creative ideas, processes, motives, and outcomes. These principles provide a lens through which to more intimately understand one’s identity as a designer, to reflect upon the processes one employs, to evaluate tangible outcomes, and to imagine new scenarios.

With this Slow Loket event, slowLab hopes to inspire designers to explore slowness in creative practice, while at the same time empowering the public with a new set of tools to understand, evaluate and respond to the myriad of designs encountered in their daily lives.

TreeHugger guest correspondent Carolyn Strauss is the founder and director of slowLab, a laboratory for Slow Design thinking and creative activism. Since 2003, slowLab has served as a catalyst and resource for designers, artists and others to begin to understand and reframe their practices through a lens of Slowness and 'Slow Design.' Find more articles from Carolyn here.

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