Slow Food Gets Fast, Meets Good Design at Fastvinic, an Eco-Cozy Sandwich Shop

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The other day I had a delicious local sandwich in the fabulous new space Fastvínic in Barcelona. It seems the Catalan capital has finally got a place where fast slow food meets good design (and not hippyness). What's on the menu? Sandwiches. What's around you? Beautiful FSC-certified wood, natural materials and gold! Fastvínic has been submitted for the Gold level LEED certification for its interior design.

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The cozy place gets all its food products and wine from Catalonia, so the menu changes with the seasons. On each table is a booklet that portraits each supplier and tells you a little bit about him or her; the guy with the trout, the baker and the cheese maker all seem very nice folk. What I wasn't so convinced about was the packaging of the food, because even if most of it is biodegradable or gets properly recycled, I believe the amount of throw-away items could be reduced or even eliminated. And I really don't agree with serving bottled water, even if it is local, in a place where tapwater is perfectly drinkable if filtered correctly. The food however was incredibly fresh and tasty and is definitely a good alternative for other surrounding fast food places.

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Alfons Tost, the designer of this new restaurant, wanted to create a functional and comfortable self-service that is "non-dramatical". And indeed, the space is divided into various areas like a high bar, big wooden table for large groups and smaller intimate niches for a more private tête à tête. Air purifying plants decorate the top of the structures that hold the energy efficient LED lighting, storage system from reused wooden boxes, water recycling system and furniture in place. All the elements are designed to be able to be disassemble for easy repairing and recycling at the end of their lives. I agree with my friend Anna who commented that "the toilets must be the most elegant ones in Barcelona".

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To get to know more about Fastvínic's eco-principles, read the philosophy about their 3 unshakable principles: the food, the wines and the interior design, or pop by for a Catalan river trout sandwich and a local glass of wine. And for those of you who still think that there is something fishy... read Brian's In Defense of "Eco" Fast Food!

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