Sliver House in London

We first learned of Boyarsky Murphy Architects through the amazing conversion of a Wren church spire into an eleven storey flat. They certainly have a knack for tight spaces, for we now learn of their development of a house with only ten feet of frontage, on the site of a former wine vault for a pub next door. It widens out at the rear to 20 feet wide but is still a remakable job of squeezing a lot of living into a tiny space. Tony McIntire of BDonline says that upon entering "The room feels bigger than the small introduction would suggest, and bigger still because the terrace ends not with a panorama, but with a brick wall. You get the benefit of light without the dreariness of gazing out at a particularly vile 1930s apartment building and the container yard of Portakabins that is the back of the local school." and "the house’s steady dedication to getting the job done throws off a rather delightful wake in the form of highly contrasting spatial values, expressed in light and volume alone." ::bdonline
Pictures by Hélène Binet


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