Slides Help Make Architecture Active and Fun

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Image credit Gizmodo

There is a trend in architecture to try and actively promote health and exercise; The New York Times Building has prominent, bright stairs for circulation; Tom Mayne's San Francisco Federal Building's elevators stop on every third floor. It seems the latest rage is slides, like this one that Gizmodo shows from Technische Universität München. It's happening all over the world.

In this video, the cameraman slides down, in about 4 seconds.

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Image Credit Urban Toronto

In Toronto, a slide runs from the third floor to ground in the new Corus building on the waterfront. An ungrateful cube farmer complains in Urban Toronto: "the slide just opened and so people are lined up beside my desk waiting to go down it. Of course the top of the slide is NEXT TO MY DESK." He doesn't like the birds in the building, either. Whiner.

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Creative Commons credit Commonorgarden

There is a wild slide ride in the Tate Modern in London. Who says art galleries have to be boring?

slide architecture health fun photo zurich

And of course Google has them; this one is in Zurich.

slide architecture health fun photo san fran cisco

Image Credit Cre8play

They have an ugly plastic slide crammed onto an existing stairway in the Google San Francisco office. If you want to integrate a slide and a stair and you have money, this is how you do it.

Architecture should be fun; Buildings should put a smile on your face. More slides! And maybe some climbing walls for going up!

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