Sleek Recycled Pallets Furniture to Improve Work of Cooperative in Brazil

Chair from Recycled Pallets by Design Simple Photo

Photos: Design Simple.

Revale is a project by Brazilian studio Design Simples, aimed to improve the work and life of the Unindo Forças woodwork cooperative in Vale do Sol (Barueri, Sao Paulo).

With the idea to provide the conditions for the cooperative to compete with higher quality goods, the studio designed these stunning pieces of furniture with the material the group uses for its work: recycled pallets.The project is similar to what we've seen in initiatives like Oficina Nomade, Minima Huella or Coopa Roca, where design hopes to help communities and groups in need by helping them make their products more attractive and therefore profitable.

Chair from Recycled Pallets by Design Simple

So far the cooperative has been working with donated pallets to make benches, chairs and tables. Although trained and well equipped, the women in the group made little income, which made it difficult to retain people and attract new workers.

With this problem in mind, Design Simples worked with 20 volunteers, among them many design students, for three months to develop new products with the existing materials and processes that already existed in the cooperative.

Chair from Recycled Pallets by Design Simple Photo

The result is a set of 11 pieces in three lines of products, well received by Unindo Forças at the end of March. Now the cooperative will have another three months to adapt to change and begin production of the first series.

If you understand some Portuguese, here are the words of the president of the cooperative when the prototypes were delivered.

Table from Recycled Pallets by Design Simple Photo

The products do look amazing and could no doubt be very marketable. And the best: they're made with discarded materials by a group of people in need trying to make a better living.

For more info on the project visit Revale website or contact revale at designsimples dot com dot br.

Table from Recycled Pallets by Design Simple Photo

Bench from Recycled Pallets by Design Simple and its Revale Project Photo

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