Sleek Furniture With Reused Plastic Crates You Can Emulate

Drawers Table With Plastic Crates by Mauricio Arruda Photo

Photos via Dezeen.

Reusing plastic crates in furniture may not be new, but there are always new ways to do it in a more elegant manner. This time was turn for Brazilian designer Mauricio Arruda to give it a go, and he came up with a collection of storage units that are introduced into FSC certified wood tables with carbon steel bars. More pics inside.Apart from serving as the 'drawers' for the furniture, the crates can also be removed from the units for people to use them to transport objects and thus minimizing the use of plastic bags and cardboard boxes, say in a moving.

Furniture With Plastic Crates by Mauricio Arruda Photo

According to the designer, the whole product life cycle was analyzed in the development of the line, and materials and shapes where selected with maximum recyclability and minimum waste in mind.

Drawers Tables With Plastic Crates by Mauricio Arruda Photo

To add some social color, he also says the pieces of the 'Jose Collection' are inspired in the Brazilian open-air street markets.

The Furniture Pieces With the Crates Disassembled Photo

Even if the pieces are custom made in this case, all furniture with plastic crates is easy to emulate or to use as inspiration to create your own.

Via Dezeen
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