Sleek + Clever Lamp Design Uses Loose Change to Save Energy + Money

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Seriously effective and good looking eco-design is hard. We know, we've been at it for years. Every now and again, however, a design pops up that just nails beauty and efficiency in one perfectly elegant fell swoop. Today we spotted Timo Niskanen's Change - Coin Deposit Lamp on designboom and think it falls very neatly into the holy grail category - contemporary, elegant, efficient and very clever. So how does it work?

Coin deposit lamp photo

The Finnish designer's lamp is the perfect example of how to harness instinctive human behaviour to encourage energy efficiency. This task lamp, designed for public spaces such as libraries, is simply turned on by placing a coin in the available slot.

It works just like those super market trolleys that require your change or even that spiky seating. This lamp design will provide pause for thought on energy use, as people root around in their purses for the right coinage. And everyone will remember to turn the light off as they leave, given the penny pinching times we're living in.

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We're looking forward to seeing this prototype tested out in a public space, to see if it works as well as we think it will. However, we were interested to see a comment on designboom from Mavis, who questions whether our current systems will allow this lamp to work en masse. A problem that is so often the downfall of bright eco-design ideas.

"So cool. I like this. The idea works with supermarket shopping trolleys (for other motives) but it's hard to see how the idea could be extended at present the way many public appliances/devices are centrally powered and controlled."

What are your thoughts? A brilliant practical design or just a wishful thinking concept?

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