SketchUp Goes Green


I have been a Sketchup user since it started, and was ambivalent when Google bought it, I had been spending hundreds of dollars on it and now it was being given away! I continue with my SketchUp Pro but realize now the power of free, now there are tens of thousands of people creating components and models that are available for me to use, and learn via Energyenthusiast at Hugg that there is now a vast library of alternative energy drawings and components available for download. Of course they can all be tied into Google Earth so we can redesign the world on line.

After spending a day with Cameron Sinclair of Achitecture for Humanity the power of open source has become so obvious, that there is an economic model that works by sharing rather than hiding, that exposure is more important than secrecy. Never have such powerful tools for collaboration and communication existed as the Open architecture Network, Google or Sketchup. What a great time to be a designer. ::Alternative Energy