Skate Chair, Window-Metal Table + More: Reclaimed and Sustainable Furniture by 2Z

Recycled Furniture by 2Z Moveis Photo

Photos: 2Z Moveis.

These pieces of furniture are the work of Brazilian designer Zanini de Zanine Caldas, who uses reclaimed and sustainable materials to build modern, hip pieces folloring the steps of father Jose Zanine Caldas, a prominent architect and artist from Brazil.

Find out the details for the furniture above and more, larger pictures in the extended."I follow my father's philosophy, he always worked with natural materials and reuse: in his house projects in Rio de Janeiro he used lots of doors and windows from demolition," says Zanine Caldas.

The designer created 2Z Moveis for his own products in 2006, and since then has been turning to environmental responsible materials.

Although some of the pieces are self-explanatory, here's a brief description of each:

The skate table was developed by Zanine Caldas in 2005 with discarded skateboards and stainless steel tubes. For other cool ideas on reusing skateboards check out Beck(y)'s bags.

Recycled Skateboards Chair by 2Z Moveis Photo

The surf bench/table is made with leftovers from surfboard manufacturers. As you may already know, the foam from the inside of the tables is polyurethane, a highly toxic material that's difficult to dispose (though groups like Resurf are making an effort to recycling them).

Recycled Surf Boards Bench by 2Z Moveis Photo

This cute looking table is made from metal scrap from windows recovered from iron deposits or demolition houses, conditioned and repainted to bring the material back to life. It was designed by Zanine Caldas in 2006.

Recycled Window Frames Table by 2Z Moveis Photo

Old pieces of wood that served as columns for old houses in Rio de Janeiro or other purposes turned into this beautiful sofa, designed in 2008. It's amazing that these types of high-quality solid wood even exist and are available for furniture without harming native forests. The source: demolition places.

Reclaimed Wood Sofa by 2Z Moveis Photo

We have spoke about the benefits and myths of bamboo many times before, and you might already know this is one sustainable material to use for its fast growth and versatility. In this piece by 2Z, bamboo turns into a great looking table that is assembled with organic glue.

Bamboo Table by 2Z Moveis Photo

The final piece we'd like to highlight by this designer is the Quadri chair, made from a fast-growing wood from sustainably managed reforestation areas called Cinamomo and designed by Zanine Caldas in 2006.

Sustainable Wood Chair by 2Z Moveis Photo

The pieces are sold via 2Z Moveis website and at stores Noho Modern in Los Angeles and Habitart in Porto Alegre.

2Z Moveis

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