Sittris Chair: Clean Seating

Sometimes we show items that are not necessarily green in their construction but have a green result. (like the iPod) The Sittris chair is like that; it is designed for the health care market. "Each year more than two million North Americans will acquire an infection during a hospital stay and an estimated 90,000 of these people die. This is a serious challenge that burdens both the financial and human resources of healthcare institutions." The Sittris chair is upholstered in Siliform, a silicone treated material. "Silicone is the ideal healthcare upholstery because it is inert, so it will not support microbial growth. Traditional upholstery is the perfect breeding ground for germs, making infection control difficult. Silicone is completely impermeable to fluids and is inherently flame retardant. When exposed to blood, urine or other substances, it can be easily and quickly cleaned with soap and water." So instead of needing harsh and possibly toxic cleaners, simpler, greener methods of cleaning up can be used. Designed by talented Canadian Designer Helen Kerr. ::Sittris via ::Azure