Since When Did A 4,000 Square Foot House Get Considered Small?

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RT@builderonline Florida luxury builder finds success in small packages w/ 14-unit development 4000 sq ft is "small"?

Good question! And the answer is, only in America, where there are two Great Recessions going on, the one where people lose their jobs and houses, and the one of the very rich, who still want " inlaid floors, tongue-and-groove ceilings, solid-core doors, and vestibules," but maybe, well, in keeping with the times, a little bit less of them. Instead of mansions, they want "jewel boxes."

Richard Perrone explains in Builder Online:

We're using a lot of the same materials, just in a smaller package," the builder explains, noting specs such as Marvin or Kolbe & Kolbe windows; Sub-Zero and Viking appliances; Lutron lighting systems; and spray foam insulation behind the walls. "We're still paying attention to architectural details. The idea is simply that clients can avoid going bigger than their needs. We're not talking about small homes; just homes that are a more justifiable size.

Meanwhile, in the Sarasota area, BuilderOnline says New Home Sales Numbers Give Hints Market Drop is Deepening The rich really are different from you and me.


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But perhaps those top-one-percenters really are getting the "less is more" religion. Perhaps even for them, small is the new big. Perrone tells Builder online:

We met with some clients two days ago who said quite frankly that they could afford an 8,000-square-foot home, but they don't need one," he says. "They want the same level of quality but on a smaller scale.

Since they are the only ones who can afford a new house, perhaps this is a good thing.

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Since When Did A 4,000 Square Foot House Get Considered Small?
@aarieff tweets:

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