Simple Transformer Furniture Design Has No Moving Parts

panel transformer furniture design photo

Image credit Yi-Cong Lu
Designboom is at imm cologne, where German designer Yi-Cong Lu asks a simple question: Why must work and behaviour be adapted to our living spaces, rather than the other way around?

He has designed this simple object that can be used in a number of ways, shown here as a desk or as a room divider and closet rack;

panel transformer furniture design photo

Image credit Yi-Cong Lu

Or turned the other way, a lit display unit. According to Designboom,

Yi-Cong was influenced in particular by the changing uses of the living room,
from entertainment space to guest room to temporary office. Depending on the user's needs, 'panel' can either be fixed horizontally or stand on its own vertically, and alternately appropriated as table, room divider, closet rack, or shelf.

That is an elegant transformer. No moving parts, no complicated mechanisms, just turn it a different way for a different function. More at Yi-Cong Lu's website.

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