Simple Living in a Welsh Eco-Roundhouse


If you liked Dan Price’s hobbit house then you might also be intrigued by the eco-roundhouse inhabited by Tony Wrench and Jane Faith within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park of Wales. Constructed of wood, turf, straw and recycled materials it cost £3,000 (~ $6,000 USD) to build. And although having permission to exist from the landowners, it does not have building planning permits. Nevertheless Tony and Jane live the simple life, existing on around £90 a week, of which only about £15 goes toward store-bought food. They grow and preserve their own veggies, as well as harvesting fruit from trees they fertilise with compost from their toilet. Water is local, and heated with wood collected from the nearby woods. Solar panels provide the minimal electricity required. Their modest income being derived from the sale of woodturned bowls and music playing. "We are not totally self-sufficient, but we like being self-reliant." says Tony. Pictorial essay via ::BBC Online