Simple and funky cardboard bench by Proyecto Cartoon

Cardboard bench by Argentine Proyecto Cartoon

Photos: Paula Alvarado.

Found at the latest edition of the Casa FOA interior design exhibition, these cool looking benches are made entirely from industrially discarded cardboard (left out for imperfections or errors at factories) and a small piece of EVA rubber to add comfort and color.

As many cardboard products it is low-tech, recyclable, easy to disassemble, and can be shipped flat. Also of course it's assembled without any glue or tools.

More pictures and data in the extended!The bench was designed by Gruba design studio (creators of the famous window blinds chair) and industrial designer Georgina Pizzabiocche, who are working together in association under the name Proyecto Cartoon.

It can support up to 90 kilograms (198 pounds), and when disassembled it measures 15x40x42 centimeters (6x15x16 inches approximately).

A funky looking accessory for a small flat, the bench is sold for less than 40 USD in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Even out of the country, it's a cool idea to get inspiration to recycle from.

More photos of the different colors and the bench holding a large doll to get a sense of dimensions below. For more info contact the designers through the project's website.

View of cardboard bench by Argentine Proyecto Cartoon

Another view of cardboard bench by Argentine Proyecto Cartoon

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