Silenceair - noise free ventilation

Air pollution. It comes from car and truck exhausts, as well as factory smoke stacks, right? True. But did you know there is one thing said to be 9-10 times worst than outdoor air and that is our average Indoor Air Quality - IAQ. A situation that gives rise to the phenomenon of Sick Building Syndrome - SBS. [ I'm thinking of starting up Action Against Acronyms or AAA!] A real problem in our modern, sealed, air conditioned buildings, poor air quality has been cited as a key cause of staff absentism and low work productivity, costing business millions of dollars. Air exchange between the outdoor and the indoor is key to solving this dilemma. But one of the stumbling blocks has been getting the air in, while keeping city's cacophony out. A soundproof open window, in effect. Impossible? Dr Chris Field decided not.His Silenceair ventilation units, made of polycarbonate, (the plastic in astronaut helmets) allow a high degree of natural airflow, while preventing the ingress of up to 85% of external noise. Amazing! 'Resonator' tubes reflect sound away from the inside of the building. Can be fitted to new or existing houses, with modules also for office windows. Requiring no energy in use, the design has earned its creator the Grand Final Prize (and $18,000 AUD in business support) in the Australian 2004 New Inventor of the Year awards, judged this week. [by WM]