Signal Shed: A Tiny, Affordable, Off-Grid Getaway In The Woods


Ryan Lingard Design
Ryan Lingard designed and built this lovely litte cabin near Joseph, Oregon in a couple of weeks for under $10,000. Preston at Jetson Green tells us that it has a wood stove, metal roof, cedar rainscreen, reused windows, portable toilet, and operable shutters.

According to Sunset Magazine, nobody wanted the property.

Where most people would have seen a steep, partially burned, partially logged slope that didn't have utilities, we just saw possibilities," Mariah [Morrow] recalls.


Photos by Thomas J Story from Sunset

She is also used to roughing it in the bush.

Mariah, who grew up in an off-the-grid home in rural Oregon, is undaunted by the portable toilet, reading by candlelight, and heating bath water in a homemade solar contraption. "Living without electricity makes you slow down and really appreciate the effort it takes to generate light and warmth," she says. It's a bit like camping, according to Ryan. Small solar chargers power cell phones. Oil lamps brighten the interior.


For all of our readers who constantly complain about how much things cost, one might point out that even if you scrounge the stove and door hardware from Craigslist and the windows from a recycling center, help build it and forget about water or electricity, it still costs $78.12 per square foot when you don't clad it in vinyl inside and out. More pictures at Sunset, Ryan Lingard Design, Signal Shed (where you can order your own practical and low-impact shelter) and Greg Morrow and Sons, (who will apparently build it for you)

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