SIGG Forges Steelworks Stainless-Steel Bottles

SIGG Steelworks photo

Photo credit: SIGG
SIGG is going stainless...steel, that is. The popular reusable-beverage-container maker has launched a range of stainless-steel products. Dubbed "Steelworks," the line of bottles, thermoses, commuter mugs, and flasks—133 in all—targets a younger, male audience with what the company describes as an "art-deco, industrial look."

Breaking with a century of tradition manufacturing its bottles in its Swiss factory, SIGG is outsourcing the production of its Steelworks designs to "select manufacturing partners in Asia." (We've got a hunch this means China.)

Still, SIGG insists its brand integrity will not be threatened by this move. On its site, the company notes:

For 365 days a year, the SIGG team works side by side with our Asian partners to ensure high Swiss quality standards are maintained. To reduce any confusion on manufacturing origin, all bottles branded "SIGG" are made directly by us in Switzerland. The limited stainless steel bottles we make in Asia will be branded "Steelworks". Both of our brands will deliver the quality and trust you have come to expect from a Swiss manufacturer.

Expect the Steelworks containers to go for between $17.99 to $49.99.

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