Sigg Bottle Design Competition


image from Inhabitat

Warren loves his Siggs, and with the current concerns about bisphenol A, we have been thinking that perhaps it is time to pack in the Nalgene and get one. Sigg makes aluminum bottles, and while we still have a little residual concern about the old Alzheimers and aluminum thing, it may be the lesser of two scares these days.

And, SIGG is really into design, with lots of nice ones in the catalogue now. It is sponsoring a competition called "what's your eco-style" and inviting designers to "show off your own eco-conscience on a SIGG bottle" . Unlike those competitions that don't have prizes other than "exposure", here if you win you get a hundred of your own designs to flog on streetcorners or give to friends. (although a royalty like every other industrial designer gets would have been nicer.) Sign up at ::Sigg via ::Inhabitat