Should We Promote the "Better" Bottled Water?


The bottled water controversy: We can tell you the shocking fossil fuel and greenhouse gas figures, ponder the ethics, and give you a million reasons to ditch it.

But right now, it is still out there, filling up our landfills. So do we compromise? Utah-based bottled water producer Park City Ice Water is selling that road--and celebs are jumping on board. The GlacierPak, according to the company, requires 75 percent less energy to produce, and is recyclable. If it is not recycled, it takes up 96 percent less landfill space. The water is EPA-tested and tapped at the source--ironically, that would be a melting glacier, more than 2000 feet below the Uinta Mountains in Northern Utah. The packaging is also freezable, which can also save energy consumed producing ice, according to the firm. Unfortunately, this would do little to offset the mega carbon footprint delivery generates.

This year, Park City Ice Water was offered at the Golden Globes. We'd like to convince organizers at this kind of event to forgo bottled water entirely. But we are kidding ourselves if we don't admit this is a major undertaking.

Yes, the best way is to follow the example of Times of London food commentator Giles Coren and just say no. Get a filter, drink from the tap, refill an old bottle. Clearly, less packaging is merely the lesser evil. Now the dilemma is: Do we promote it or ignore it? :: Park City Ice Water Via ::News Wire Today Also see ::How to Green Your Water ::DIY Pet Bottle Shredding ::Hitting the Bottle or Hitting the Box

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