Should A House Be Edible?


Via Inside Out

Preston at Jetson Green recently put up a post entitled Edible Portland Platinum Green Home and I got really excited; I have often thought that the ultimate green home would be made of materials so harmless that you could actually eat them, that there isn't anything that you would mind finding in your kid's mouth. Like Marmoleum, made of flax and jute, or untreated wood, not very digestible but pure cellulose. Tastier still if you treat it with beeswax or YOLO paint; not a single ingredient that is toxic.

Alas, Preston was only talking about the garden. But in Australia, they built some real edible houses for an exhibition.


It is called Baking Architecture;

Baking Architecture is an exhibition of architectural 'food' models 'constructed' by architects and chefs in unison to create their vision of the future by cooking unbuilt works of architecture.

Buildings, like food, are changing. The way food is sourced, processed, created, presented and consumed has undergone fundamental changes in recent decades. Architecture too, has experienced change in its procurement, production and materiality.

Now if they could only make them bigger....

via Inside.

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