Walking Shelter: Clever shoes hide a portable tent

© Sibling

From geometric caravans to homes in a cart, the idea of having a portable shelter wherever one travels can be an enticing one (depending on your disposition, of course). Australian design company Sibling has made what is probably the most provident of shoes, a pair of sneakers with an integrated shelter hidden in the back.

Sibling© Sibling
Sibling© Sibling

Designed as a concept for shoe company Gorman, these "Walking Shelter" shoes are meant for instant shelter whenever it's needed. Say the designers:

The Walking-Shelter is a human shelter stored within a pair of sneakers. Stored compactly in integrated net pockets within the shoe, the shelter expands out and around the body to form an enclosure that relies on the human frame as a supporting structure.

The shelter accommodates for the body in a variety of ways and can be customised by the user to adapt to a variety of contexts and environments.This project was developed as a one-pff prototype and auctioned off, with all proceeds going towards Little Seeds Big Trees.

Sibling© Sibling
Sibling© Sibling

It may seem like a pretty wacky design at first, but it could have enormous potential in situations like disasters, homelessness or travelling extremely light. Whatever it is, it makes conventional shoes twice as useful. More over at Sibling.

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