Shoes Books and a Bike: Another Way to Store and Display Your Bike

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As more and more people live in apartments instead of houses with garages, bike storage becomes more of an issue. We have shown many different ways of hanging your bike on a wall, but Switzerland's PostFossil show a new freestanding storage unit. The designers write:

Cycling is again enjoying increasing popularity in European cities. With a level of efficiency of about 95%, the bicycle is the most ecological way of getting around there is. The Shoes, Books and a Bike stand puts the wonder machine on a platform, frames the bicycle and gives it a deserved place of honour in the apartment. Like a trophy in a glass jar, the bicycle represents sporting activity, balance and health.

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The stand itself is constructed of the simplest of materials such as pine, screws and coconut fibre, thus also making it affordable for the tight budget.

Unfortunately they are making this in Switzerland, where, according to the Economist's Big Mac Index, the Swiss Franc is overvalued by over 50%, so the 880 CHF cost of the basic shelf is US 943. The clamp that holds the bike up is another 250 CHF or $ 267, and the carpet that covers the shelves is a surprising CHF 440 or $ 471. Even adjusted down by a third to recognize the exchange rate issue, that's a lot.

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I have spent a lot of time over the years trying to justify the high cost of short run products and that the problem isn't that things cost too much in Europe, but that the American dollar is just worth too little. But even I find this one a bit much.

Shoes Books and a Bike: Another Way to Store and Display Your Bike
These work so well for people in small spaces without garages. Too bad about the exchange rate

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