Shipping Containers + Milk Crates = Cratehouse


via David Barrie

Given our love of shipping containers and creative reuse, it is suprising that we missed the work of german artists Wolfgang Winter and Berthold Hörbelt, who have been building with crates and containers since 1992. This one was built in Castleford in Crate Britain in 2006.


The artists told the BBC:

"During our visits to Castleford we saw the metal shipping containers that people in the town use as meeting points, something like small clubhouses...One of our first ideas was to change a little this kind of architecture to create maybe a functional pavilion with sculptural and architectural qualities as a semi-public space where people can stay together in a pleasant way and have fun together!"

See a slideshow on the BBC website here


Cratehouse under construction.

Also by Winter/Hörbelt: "Laura's Crate House", Padova, Italy, 2007. More crate stuff at WINTER / HÖRBELT


I learned of the Wolfgang Winter and Berthold Hörbelt while trying to search the origin of this structure that appears to be entirely built from crates labelled Jupiter, found on Offbeat Earth.


If anyone has any idea what this is, please let us know in comments.

More shipping container architecture in Crate Expectations: 12 Shipping Container Housing Ideas

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