Shipping Container Turned Coffee Bar in Austin (Video)

shipping container coffee bar photo

Image credit: CHOW

From making tofu to the coolest seed bank ever, CHOW have been serving up some great, green-minded video content of late. One of their latest efforts—a tour of the ubiquitous food trucks of Austin—features an awesome-looking recycled shipping container turned coffee bar. We also get to see how they make croissants. (I'd always wondered...)Shipping container architecture is, of course, somewhat of a perennial theme here on TreeHugger. From 12 shipping container housing ideas, through FREITAG's recycled shipping container store in Zurich, to the Section 8 shipping container bar in Melbourne, people are reusing and repurposing these utilitarian boxes into some pretty weird and wonderful things.

La Boite Cafe, founded by Victoria Davies and Dan Bereczki, claims to be the first commercial shipping container project in Austin. but it's not just the architecture that draws people to La Boite. The fresh, local, organic pastries look pretty great too. Baked by local wholesale baker Barrie Cullinan, La Boite's croissants in particular are a big draw. I'm getting hungry just looking at them...

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