Shipping Container Studio Building Built in a Week


TreeHugger has previously shown the proposal for the Box Office, "12 office/studio spaces constructed from 32 recycled shipping containers on an abandoned strip of Providence history."

Now we learn from Sharable that it is well under construction. They also show a fascinating time-lapse video of the construction.

The video shows that the containers have had most of their structural modifications done prior to delivery; it looks like much of the fitting out will be done on site. They explain at Box Office:

After 2 months off site in pre-fabrication, and 1 month waiting for the power company to alter the lines above the street, the containers made their way to the site on Harris Ave. for the first time. 33 Containers were stacked in one week. Additional metals - columns, canopies, roof reinforcement, etc. - were erected in the second week. Stack Design Build (general contractor) and Imperatore Crane Service had the process figured out down to the last bolt. Each container was loaded onto a flatbed at our offsite location 15 minutes away and sent to arrive on site within minutes of needing to be put into place in the building. Once in place, the containers were put into place with twist-locks (the same equipment used to secure the containers on cargo ships) and welded when needed.


Jay Cox-Chapman told sharable:

"The project embodies the shareable ethos in that it is being executed by an integrated design team--builder, architect, and developer all have a seat at the table to pool expertise," says Jay. "The site will serve as hub for creative innovation in Providence, and the containers mean that infrastructure becomes architecture."

More at Sharable and at Box Office 460

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