Shipping Container Funhouse From Phooey Architects

skinners playground phooey architects

Image: Phooey Architects

What can’t the shipping container do? We know you can live in these fabulous prefab versions of shipping containers (such as the All-Terrain Cabin or Detroit's planned container condos by Steven Flum); you can shop in them (like in Freitag’s shipping container store in Zurich); you can even serve beer out of them (we like the industrial hipness of Melbourne’s Section 8 bar). Now, even more recycled fun can be had in Melbourne-based Phooey Architects’ shipping container playground, which revamps four shipping containers and other reclaimed materials into an attractive yet functional activity centre, designed to provide kids living in South Melbourne’s public housing with safe spaces to create art, dance and play.
skinners playground phooey architects interior

Called the Skinners Playground, it is a low-cost, zero-waste project, using an array of recycled materials that range from the windows to the fasteners. Nothing is lost nor tossed: the playground’s structural and decorative components (such as stair railings, balconies and overhangs) derive from carefully sliced pieces of the original containers. All the interior spaces have openings, either offering views to the outside or to a well-placed sandpit. There’s even a bed of weeds that catches rainwater. It seems like a project with its heart in the right place – a kid-centric space and structure that can allow the community’s children to take an active part in building upon their imaginations.

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