Shigeru Ban's Shutter House Goes Live


We love Shigeru Ban, and were excited last September to see the first sketches of his new Shutter House condo project in New York. Now the project's website has gone live and one can look at the plans and admire the renderings in detail. I usually gripe about flash, but this is also a really cleverly designed site with intuitive and elegant navigation.

Better hurry though- only one unit left at ten million dollars.

Ban says: "I am only interested in making something different. I have no interest in following a fashion. And when you look at the history of architecture, when someone develops a new type of structure or material, a new type of architecture emerges. I like to develop my own structural systems and materials to make the work my own."


Each of the duplex houses can be opened across its entire breadth, exposing the double-height living room to the cityscape. A 20 foot upward pivoting glass wall, coupled with interior sliding doors, can create one vast and uninterrupted loft expanse- Ban's "Universal Floor"- which transitions seamlessly from inside to outside, or can be used to partition the space into private areas. ::Metal Shutter Houses
via ::Dezain