Shigeru Ban Does New York Condos


We love New York, we love opening windows and good ventilation, and we love Shigeru Ban. Yet somehow we are not so sure about putting them all together like this. "The Metal Shutter Houses" have walls that lift up completely out of the way, as well as "perforated metal shutters that operate exactly like the rolling grates of the Chelsea galleries and Korean delis that inspired them."

While it does overlook the Hudson, the view is across ten lanes of the West Side Highway.


Curbed says: here are some details: 11-stories and nine duplexes ranging from 1,950sqft to a 3,180sqft penthouse with three terraces. Occupancy is expected in late 2008. Pricing? If you have to ask...

::Metal Shutter Houses via :;New York Times


Nice hoarding