Shifting Into Green: A Holding Company For Green Design

GreenShift Corporation recently launched an industrial design initiative to deliver cost-efficient and environmentally proactive 'greengineered' solutions. These services are administered by GreenShift Industrial Design Corporation ("GIDC"), a privately held GreenShift portfolio company. GreenShift expects GIDC to acquire, develop and market green technologies and to generate revenue initially from royalties, the sale of specific products and technologies, and greengineering services to third party clients. The current portfolio includes investments in several "green" enterprises. One of them disributes carbon nano-tubes, as represented in this graphic. See the full list below.Veridium Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: VRDM - News);
INSEQ Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: INSQ - News);
GreenWorks Corporation;
GreenShift Industrial Design Corporation;
Ovation Products Corporation;
Tornado Trash Corporation;
Mean Green BioFuels Corporation;
Ethanol Oil Recovery Systems, LLC;
Sterling Planet, Inc.;
TerraPass, Inc.;
Aerogel Composite, Inc.;
Air Cycle Corporation;
Electronic Scrap Recycling Corporation;
Coriolis Energy Corporation;
Hugo International Telecom, Inc.; and,
TDS (Telemedicine), Inc.


We were tempted to include on this list a pre-Christmas joke. But that may have required the presence of more engineers on the writing staff and we're not sure the readership could weather the change of Climate.