Shed Looks Like Teardrop Trailer Without Wheels


Teardrop trailers have been around since the thirties; they are compact, aerodynamic, lightweight and beloved by many travellers. Now you can get the teardrop experience without the "struggle of pitching a tent or towing a caravan"-Britspeak for trailer- with the E-Den from Somerset, England's Traditional Timber Tradesmen.

It is an odd thing to do; not much need for aerodynamics for something that doesn't move.


But there is something nice about the form. The builder says:

Its unique, organic shape sits comfortably in any surrounding, whilst providing an uncluttered, spacious interior - complete with a large bunk and storage space. There is also the option of including a decking area and a canvas canopy for additional camping luxury and privacy.

It is all built by hand using locally sourced materials and costs £ 6,875.00 (US$ 10,059). More at Traditional Timber Tradesmen, via Shedworking

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