Shed Design Competiton Closing Soon


We love sheds, they have become a popular way to get a little privacy and extra space, and a great way for architects and designers to show their talents on small, affordable projects. Now there is an open Line of Sight competition to for the design of a shed of about fifty square feet, closing on August 3. It is a fun little competition with "Fabulous prizes" athough they are not specific, but given the sponsors, it could be from SONY or perhaps some Google stock. The organizers say "we're aiming to tickle those imaginative taste buds with a stimulating design challenge ... This, we hope, will occupy your mind as you strive to fill those balmy summer days (for those of us in the northern hemisphere) spent idling on the beach."


Sample entry. (more here)

from the brief:
This is a chance to consider the essential purpose of the shed. Is it just an extension to the house, an overflow storage space, a dumping ground for junk? Why, then, are some people so inventive in utilising their sheds? Is it the shed’s unique capacity to provide a detached personal refuge within the suburban home that makes it such a springboard for originality? Some writers use their shed as a private study for their creative work; increasingly, people use it as an office from which to run their business from home. Perhaps it is the shed’s ability to adapt itself either to work or to leisure purposes with equal success that results in the diversity of roles it plays in our lives?
Whether you see the shed as a simple storehouse for tools, a peaceful place for private retreat, a workshop in which to indulge a hobby, a Wendy house for the children, or a home for the guinea pigs and rabbits, why not design the outbuilding of your dreams – one that is inspirational rather than commonplace.

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