Sharland Oasis- an ecologically sustainable home

Treehugger wants to move to Australia- things are happening there. The public water utility is building a whole subdivision of really interesting homes, promoting "a holistic approach to ecological sustainability". Does your water company talk like that?The model home that opened recently has a remarkable shopping list of features, some of which are specific to hot dry climates like Australia but others that are universal:

Passive benefits like deep eaves and external blinds to reduce heat gain;
Low e glazing with wood frames made from certified sustainable lumber;
High effiency appliances;
solar panels for electricity generation;
solar water heating with gas boosting;
automated controls;
rainwater collection;
"smart" garden with hardy drought resistant plants;
environmentally friendly "best practice" building materials;
prefab panellized framing.

and the list goes on. The architectural design could be sexier but the technology is terrific.
::Sharland Oasis (thanks, PV!) by [LA]