Shake is a Porta-potty for dogs

CC BY 2.0 Shake dog potty/ Photo by Margaret Badore

More and more, people are choosing to live in apartments rather than houses with yards, in smaller rather than larger homes. This can be a problem if you have a dog and can't just toss Fido into the backyard when he has to go. Brett Teper and Rich Williams of Modko reinvented the cat box with the Modkat (and won all kinds of design awards in the process; see Matt Hickman's MNN coverage here); now they go after the dog market with the Shake Dog Potty.

shakeModko/Promo image

The shake is designed to be easy to empty and clean. You fold it up and carry it to the sink and add water, give it a shake and then empty it into the toilet. The liquid flows to the center and is trapped, allowing it to be closed without spilling. All no fuss, no muss.

ShakeDogPotty from Lloyd Alter on Vimeo.

The shake certainly doesn't replace a walk, but is another example of design that makes life easier for those living in apartments and smaller spaces. Watch this interview of designer Brett Taper by Margaret Badore.

Shake is a Porta-potty for dogs
As people move into smaller spaces, dealing with dog waste can be a problem. Modko's latest design can help.

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