Sewing Manual for Beginners

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We have followed Ruth Singer's career since she first started creating pillows out of organic, ecological and recycled fabrics. A sweet pink one made out of an old cashmere sweater, with a red rose was a favourite. Then she moved on to scarves and pillows made of hemp and vintage fabrics. This year at Origin she was showing framed wall panels with vintage fabrics.

She was also selling advance copies of her new book: Sew It Up. It is a general sewing manual which will teach all the basics to novices as well as more advanced techniques for better sewers. It has both practical and decorative information in it. This is important because more and more we are realising that it is very helpful to know how to sew on a button properly or hem a skirt or trouser bottoms. It saves money (those dry cleaners charge a fortune to do it) and makes you appreciate your own skills.

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Singer says that her aim when writing the book was to "create the sewing book I wanted to read; one that is well-illustrated so the techniques are really clear and has inspiring and contemporary projects". There is every bit of information that one would need to start sewing. She begins with threading a needle, choosing fabric and information on how to use and choose commercial dress patterns for the more ambitious. A useful gift for anyone just starting out or interested in brushing up on their sewing skills. Ruth Singer
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