Serbian Artists' Imaginative, Sustainable Takes on Everyday Objects (Slideshow)

jovana bogdanovic polar bear sugar cubes photo

Polar-bear-shaped sugar cubes by Jovana Bogdanović. Image via Redesign Your Mind.

Sustainable design might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Serbia, but for the last three years, Natasa Ilincic and Yugoslava Kljakic of the Belgrade-based design and architecture studio od-do arhitekti have been inviting fellow creative thinkers to "Redesign Your Mind" for an annual exhibition of the same name. Their mandate to "explore sustainable approaches or designs that can give us, in a clever way, some interesting answers on current ecological issues" has resulted in imaginative, alternately practical and whimsical rethinkings of everyday objects.

Redesign Your Mind Serbian Designers Sustainable Everyday Objects Slideshow
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