Send Love, Not Paper

Artist Janet Chui wanted an alternative to paper cards and was tired of e-card sites full of pop-ups and flashy ads, so she took matters into her own hands. The result is BlueGreenPlanet, a completely free site supported by donations--not ads--that takes a stand against paper cards, sending an explicitly pro-environment, pro-sustainability message. Writers and artists contribute thoughtful pieces on themes such as nature, peace, and meditation. Text and images can be paired up as the user pleases or at random. As a nice touch, the site's front page includes daily information about moon phases and visible planets as well as holidays from around the world. Chui also writes a column for e-zine EMG called Healthy Green Artists that educates artists about environmental issues; June's column is on alternatives to wood chip paper. ::BlueGreenPlanet and ::Healthy Green Artists via ::Janet Chui