Self-Rearranging Buildings

I am writing this article from inside a building that was designed to be completely modular and flexible. Since I started writing, the windows and walls have shifted their position twice in response to what I assume is the movement of the sun and the prevailing wind. A small channel in the floor has stopped streaming cold water, and now appears to be releasing steam. Presumably this is was intended to add a dash humidity and warmth to the room. I'm informed of the changes by small audio clues, so that, for example, I'm aware that the walls are about to shift. All the movement is subtle, and never poses any threat. In fact it is quite relaxing. All of this rearranging is intended to optimize the atmospheric conditions of the room, and help to harness existing daylight, heat and natural breezes. The water that is perpetually running through the house was gathered in a cluster of low cisterns in the center of the house, where a pagoda-like complex of prism concentrates sunlight which heats the water continuously.

(Well this design is a thought experiment, but there is no reason why it couldn't be built. Here is some of the theory behind it.)