Seeing the future: PSFK's Future of Home Living

future of home living by PSFK
© Margaret Badore

(Pictured above: ThinBike, Everything but the Manual Furniture System, Oru Kayak)

The marketing firm PSFK is all about predicting the future, from the future of gaming to the future of health. Now, they're forecasting trends in home living at an exhibition and show apartment near Union Square in New York City.

Opening today, The Future of Home Living Exhibition highlights a collection of products and services that aim to improve our spaces and the way we use them. The items fit into one or more of three major themes: on-demand, adaptive and equilibrium. We spoke with Piers Fawkes, PSFK president and founder, about these three major themes:

Below are a few TreeHugger favorites from the exhibit. For bigger images, view our top picks as a slide show.

ZIG Sofa

modular sofa© PSFK

Many of the products improve life in small spaces, a sustainable goal in itself, such as furniture and storage systems that can be easily rearranged as needed. These blocks can be benches, a couch or a guest bed.

Vurv Wall Desk

small standing desk© Margaret Badore

This handmade standing desk provides both storage and a workstation. When it's not in use, it can be easily folded closed.

Koubachi Plant Sensor

With the help of this sensor, you don't have to worry about killing another houseplant with over watering. You can use your phone or computer to tell the Koubachi sensor what kind of plant you have. Then the sensor will monitor moisture, temperature and light. to tell you what kind of care they need.


future of home living© Margaret Badore

This subscription service lets you hang a new piece of contemporary art in your home every month, but without the high cost of buying. This monthly rental service lets you browse an online gallery, and if you do fall in love with something, you have the option to purchase it. GetArtUp is particularly committed to connecting people with local artists.

Soma Water Filter

future of home living© Margaret Badore

Right now, there's a reminder on our fridge to buy a refill for the water filter. With the Soma Water Filter, we wouldn't have that problem--because this system comes with a service that delivers your compostable filter when it's time to change.


future of home living© PSFK

Fawkes calls WunWun a "micro-staffing service" to get odd-jobs done around the house, from building your flat-pack furniture to delivering dinner for a small fee. Connected through an app, the WunWun dispatches background-checked helpers to aid you with whatever task is at hand. The name stands for "what you need, when you need it."

The exhibit opens to the public on July 23 and is located at 101 West 15th street. Lean more at PSFK's website.

Seeing the future: PSFK's Future of Home Living
An exhibition curated by PSFK explores the homes of our future.