Seed-Sprouting Face Mask Protects You From Pollution, Sequesters Your CO2

green face mask photo

Photo via Inhabitat

We thought we saw them all when the swine flue craze was at its peak, but in the weird and wacky world of face masks, there's a new one to top them all. The Green Screen by designer Robert Ortega is an anti-bacterial and reusable face mask that "sequesters the Co2 from every exhale." Made from pulp and embedded with seeds that actually sprout, the face mask is supposed to not only help keep your lungs safe from the world, but keep the world safe from the mini carbon dioxide emissions coming from your lungs.
According to Inhabitat, the mask is made from pulp derived from fungal spores and filters airborne bacteria with each breath.

Considering our breath doesn't contribute to global warming, the "sequestering CO2" part of this mask is the least interesting aspect. What's really odd is the idea that it could sprout actual plants. At that point, it's probably best that you not wear the mask since that could pose some real problems for your health. But the fact that you can simply toss the mask in your compost pile when done and it'll produce plants is pretty cool.

This Dish Is Veg states that the Green Screen was a finalist in this year's "Project Greenway" competition conducted by the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture.

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