Seed Bomb Vending Machine Dispenses Guerrilla Gardening Fun


Images: Common Studio

Don't let the moniker "seed bomb" throw you off: beloved by guerrilla gardeners everywhere, these little balls made from clay, compost and seeds are the secret weapons to transforming barren and neglected urban corners into colourful spaces of living greenery.

Though seed bomb-making is usually a simple hand-made affair, a Los Angeles-based design duo has made it even easier by creating Greenaid, a quarter-operated, fire-engine red candy machine that dispenses custom-made seed bombs tailored for your local neighbourhood's ecology. To see how it works, take a look at this video:

Designers Daniel Phillips and Kim Karlsrud of Common Studio describe Greenaid as
equally an interactive public awareness campaign, a lucrative fundraising tool, and a beacon for small scale grass roots action that engages directly yet casually with local residents to both reveal and remedy issues of spatial inequity in their community.

Here's how the Greenaid program works: schools, businesses and individuals can purchase any number of Greenaid machines and Common Studio will develop a "strategic neighborhood intervention plan" specifically adapted for your area and they will continue to supply the seed bomb 'candies'.

Stocked with vibrant-sounding flavours like 'Woodland', 'Riparian1' and 'Riparian2', Greenaid machines are already a hit in parts of Los Angeles. Portable, unassuming but totally fun, it's an original way of repackaging guerrilla gardening for the masses so that even kids can get in on the game.

Interested? Email Common Studio (info [at] for a quote.

Common Studio via WebEcoist
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