Section 8 - A Bar in a Shipping Container


Now for Americans accustomed to streetside diners this might not be such a big deal. But in Melbourne, Australia, the novelty seems to be proving a business success. Take two old shipping containers. Chop one up to make a bar, selling 11 types of beer, as well as wine, cocktails, and of course the obligatory coffee. Serve ‘slow food’ sandwiches too. Convert the other container into rest rooms and a storeroom, and you nearly have yourself a ready-made bar. Not quite. Patrons need somewhere to sit. So artfully strew some packing crates and shipping pallets about the place, and Presto! What was once a carpark by day and drug den by night is suddenly a hip, cool inner city bar. And all your buildings and furniture are salvaged industrial discards. Pick a name like ‘Section 8’ as a reference to the character of Klinger from M*A*S*H, (who was always trying to get discharged from active duty as being insane,) and you have the whole wacky picture. And when the site lease is up? No worries. Load it on the back of truck and move to the next location. Maybe not so crazy, after all. ::Section 8, via MCity and Inside Business.