Secret Sauna by Visiondivision


We didn't know that "If you want to build something in Sweden, you have to neglect your architectural aspirations and desires, and build something comprehensible and conventional to please the Swedish building regulations with their obsessed traditional values."

But that is what Visiondivision, a pair of subversive Swedish architects say, as they describe their "secret sauna."


"So at a first glance this sauna may appear to be an anonymous wooden cabin, with no architectural features or ambition. The front façade is windowless; a water proof drape covers the façade on the other side. The sauna has a pointed traditional roof as well, to accomplish this intriguing scam."



"The front façade is actually a door, and when it is opened, the cabin changes its appearance completely."


"Now you have a magnificent view over the archipelago, and the door/wall creates an intimate space with the guest hut next to the sauna.The wall prevents the neighbors from peeking in as well."

More subversion at :Visiondivision via ::A Daily Dose of Architecture


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