Second Time Around

adventure%20ecology.jpg This is a beautiful show at The Gallery at Adventure Ecology, the gallery committed to building awareness about climate change. It is a story about re-examining and looking again at the way we use familiar things. Taking every day materials like discarded plates, old antiques and old maps, these artists have turned them into works of art. Claire Brewster finds old maps in flea markets and charity shops and makes the most delicate paper cut-outs in the shape of birds and flowers. Upon examination, the countries and cities on the old maps become evident.

Mimi Joung takes old china plates (pictured), found in garage sales and uses a water cutter to laser out parts of the plates, sometimes in the shapes of forks or spoons. Catherine Hammerton makes wall hangings out of contrasting bits of envelopes cut into different shapes. She also makes special hand-made wallpaper panels. Another artist finds old antiques and armoires and has them painted with wild and bright colours to transform them into something new. Time to take a second look at the treasures stored in your apartment.... :: Adventure Ecology

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