Second Life: Cutting up Houses


Canadian TV design star Kimberley Seldon wanted to build her own dream home but her existing cute little house was in the way. So she found someone who wanted it and moved it. We have complained before about moving houses and the loss of the context for which they were designed, and small touristy towns like Creemore, Ontario have their wonderful character because they are full of "sweet, little country clapboards" and not McMansions.


From the Globe and Mail:

[Purchaser] Ms. MacEachern hired an independent contractor, Ivan Weatherall, who has been moving houses for more than 25 years.

First, Mr. Weatherall had to separate the house into five sections. After the eves and shingles were removed, a sawsall, or reciprocating saw, was used to make precise cuts along the walls of the house to ensure that everything would easily fit back into place.

Once the house was separated, Mr. Weatherall began lifting each section onto a trailer, using wooden stilts and large airbags. Temporary plastic tarps are attached to ensure the exposed walls aren't damaged in the moving process. When the house is transported to its new lot, the sections will be reattached using nails and fresh drywall.

Kimberley Seldon says it is green. "Living in Toronto … I see all these bungalows being torn down and these monstrosities set up. I totally believe that if someone had the vision to start something up where these little bungalows can be relocated for affordable housing, it would just save a lot of garbage in the landfills."

While I have no doubt that she will not build a monstrosity, those little bungalows and her cute little clapboard are big enough for a talented designer to do wonders with. I guess she couldn't find one. ::Globe and Mail

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