SECCO — Treasures from Wasteland


Last week, Isabella Haas from Finland came to visit Barcelona and with her, she brought some truly quirky treasures from wasteland. She was for example wearing a ring made from an old type-writer key, her note book’s cover turned out to have been the inside of a keyboard and her handbag was made from recycled car tyre inner tubes. All of them are SECCO products from Finland. SECCO’s mission is to turn discarded material and objects into funky designs with their most important guideline being ‘sustainable development’. They have been doing this for 4 successful years, have opened a SECCO shop last year in Helsinki and their next stop will be Japan. They’d like to keep their production on a small fine scale in order to keep it as sustainable and unique as possible. SECCO has their own workshop where most of their products are made and which also serves as an open laboratory for students and professionals to develop new ideas. Their current collection includes LploveCD (CD stands from LPs) and ASTE (fruit bowls from used washing machine drums) by Aki Kotkas, and PCBeasts (magnets from computer circuit boards) by Niko Raty to only give you a few examples. They are however always on the lookout from their wasteland hills for new designs, so don’t be shy in contacting them with your ‘wasted’ ideas. ::SECCO