Sean McDow: One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure


One man's trash is Sean McDow's treasure. The woodworker and furniture designer started making furniture during the winter of 2005 with little woodworking experience, and "quickly realized how much material is thrown away every day and decided to experiment." Using primarily reclaimed fencing materials that had a ticket for the burn pile or landfill, he has built up a varied portfolio of tables, entertainment centers and stools; we like the "Sign Table" that incorporates a "legally obtained" (we're told) Oklahoma railroad sign. His work has an easy, conversational appeal that goes well with the weathered wood. Though he insists "I am not a company" and that "I build furniture for myself", if you're interested in having a piece for yourself, "I will see what I can work out." ::Sean McDow via ::MoCo Loco


"Coffee Table"